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Youth Cup 2010 in Denmark is over

18. júlí 2010 kl. 19:51

Youth Cup 2010 in Denmark is over

The kids in the Icelandic team did really well at the Youth Cup which was this time held in Denmark, in spite of the fact that this time, the choice of horses was not as it normally would. Most of the teenagers had already picked their horses out before leaving, but many of them had to leave their horses behind, as they had not been vaccinated according to the regulations. Still the kids were happy with the journey, although the results were not all good. The finals were held on Saturday in all the events. Steinunn Arinbjarnardóttir was successful, riding the stallion Kári frá Eystra Hóli. She won the tölt competition and was in sixth place in four gaits, after having made it into the A-finals. Anna Kristín Friðriksdóttir was in second place in five gaits ridin the stallion Djákni frá Votmúla. Anna Kristín and Nanna Lind Stefánsdóttir also made into prize position in gæðinga pace an then Björgvin Helgason received a price in four gaits.

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