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“Wolf tooth” is a common phenomenon

16. janúar 2010 kl. 16:50

“Wolf tooth” is a common phenomenon

Now that most horse people have brought their horses inside their stables, a few issues are a part of the routine. We are concerned for our horses’ health and preventing action is done by giving them a shot of vermifuge and rasping their teeth. Also, we do some shaving from underneath their mane and even other places.
Sveinn Ólafsson vet at the veterinary hospital in the South takes care of the matters pertaining to the vet’s services.
“It is common for people to have their horses teeth examined, and it is better to do that right away, instead of waiting until something bad happens” Sveinn said when Eið had a short chat with him. “What is probably most surprising is how common “wolf teeth” are in young horses. It is very important to have them removed before they start causing injury and other problems” Sveinn said.


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