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Where will Landsmót 2012 be held?

28. janúar 2010 kl. 19:33

From LM 2008 Hella

Where will Landsmót 2012 be held?

As has been on the news lately, the LH board of directors is having discussions with Fákur horse club in Reykjavík, about the possibility of hosting the Landsmót 2012 in their area, Víðidalur. Final decision has not been made about the location, but it is presumed that discussions will come to a conclusion in February. If a contract is not made with Fákur, discussions with the Geysir horse club will commence, to the effect of hosting the tournament at Gaddstaðaflatir, Hella.
The fact that LH decided to have discussions with Fákur, caused great disappointment within the Geysir horse club, the board of the Rangár arena and Rangárbakki, as these parties had presumed that there was an agreement on holding Landsmót in two places; in Vindheimamelar and the other at Hella.
The development which has taken place at Hella has been focused on that fact that this area would be hosting Landsmót every other year; therefore this decision made by LH has been a great disappointment.
It is a great inconvenience for whole procedure to be prolonged such as it has, but according to the LH rules, it should have been decided June last, as the developers consider two years for preparation a minimum timeframe for preparation.
Clearly, Fákur horse club will gladly host the Landsmót, should the discussions develop in that direction. A tournament held in a densely populated area will be different, as was proven when it was hosted in the year 2000 in Reykjavík. Times have changed; there are advantages and disadvantages for every tournament area and different opinions amongst horse people on the matter. There is only one thing we can do – wait and see what will be the outcome of the discussions between LH and Fákur and then discuss the matter some more.


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