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VÍS Masters League - Herding on television

13. febrúar 2010 kl. 13:46

VÍS Masters League - Herding on television

VÍS Masters League will be shown on television in a program suming up all the different Masters League events. The first show was broadcasted last Tuesday evening at 18:25 hrs where a short introduction on the league was presented. Herding was the first tournament which was shown along with interviews with the riders. The show was great fun, and Samúel Örn Erlingsson the energetic sports announcer did a great job. It is fantastic for horse people that horsemanship has arrived into the television with this positive program.

Next on the agenda is four gaits, and we encourage everyone to take a trip to the Ölfus arena to watch. Then we will be awaiting the next show on RÚV (national television) with great anticipation.


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