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Urging people to look after their animals

22. mars 2010 kl. 17:56

Urging people to look after their animals

“What I have been recommending for farmers today, is that each of them try to do their own survey.” Halldór Runóldsson chief vet recommends. He encourages farmers to go out to the pasture with a white dish or container and this way checking whether some ash is falling. That way it is possible to determine the situation.

When the eruption started in Fimmvörðuháls last night, people feared that the cloud of ash and smoke would have a bad influence on the animals close to the eruption site. Halldór said that generally speaking farmers were not worried when they realized that this was a rather small eruption, without flood and ash.

Halldór encourages farmers, who have the facilities, to bring their animals inside. “Also there are horses out in the pasture, and therefore one has to make sure that their drinking water is safe,” says Halldór. The horses should not be drinking out of puddles. It is safest to feed the horses with hay out in the pasture so that they do not have to crop up what is in the pasture.
Otherwise, Halldór says that things are looking quite good, whereas this is not a case of an eruption with ash. It also matters that the eruption happened at a convenient time of year. As most livestock animals are not out in the pasture that much.

Jón Hákon Halldórsson, www.visir.is