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Training horses starts again

25. júní 2010 kl. 21:27

Training horses starts again

During the next few days, a considerable number of horse people from abroad, aiming for Landsmót, decided to stick to their plans and visit Iceland.

Many of the visitors will use their time to travel around the country, visit horse breeding farms and visit old friends. Eiðfaxi was curious to know how the situation was with those who have horses for sale and get information on whether interested buyers might be successful, should they go ahead and look for horses to buy.

Most of the people interviewed by Eiðfaxi were considerably more optimistic about the situation than earlier, and that people were starting to train the horses that caught the disease early on. Although it is important to be careful, and the horses who had gained their health back were full of vitality and power.

There are some cases of horses having relapse and getting sick again, but those who were interviewed by Eiðfaxi agreed that the main issue was to be very careful and start of slowly and watch out for their horses.

Clearly, there is a good market of healthy horses for sale ready for interested to take a look at, and most horse breeding farms and horse sellers are ready to receive guests for the next days and weeks.