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The sprint of Litfari

21. maí 2010 kl. 22:03

The sprint of Litfari

Throughout the centuries, Icelanders have protected different qualities within their livestock, which in many countries have been lost, such as tölt and pace in horses. We feel very fortunate in this respect. Also, diversity as far as color and shape has been preserved in the domestic animals of Iceland. This is in spite of considerably small stock and common deaths of animals due to weather and natural disasters, such as we are currently dealing with. It would be a great shame if we, horse people of today, would loose the characteristics which have been preserved in the Icelandic horse for the past thousand years.

One such characteristic, which we are close to loosing, is the roan color of the Icelandic horse. In an attempt to help preserving this color as well as increasing its existence, I have along with my father Páll Imsland, worked on a website with information about the roan color. On this page there can be found discussions about this spectacular color, its history, how it conducts itself and why and also statistics of this color in the Icelandic horse stock. Also there exists a list containing information on the roan colored stallions and foals existing in Iceland and those that will be used this summer of 2010. We would like to encourage all those who plan to take their mares to a stallion to consider these stallions, so that this color can be spread all over the country and thereby increasing the number of roan colored horses.

Foreign buyers are very interested in roan colored horses, especially those with good qualities. Too many horses with this color are sold out of the country. For example both of the first prize roan stallions so far have been sold out of the country. This is a clear message of the fact that this is a desirable color. Therefore it should be profitable to try breeding more horses of that color and breeding superior quality roan colored horses. Both so that the color is maintained here within Iceland and also to sell some of them out of the country without any harm being done in its stock here.

Path to the Litfari web page is:

Kind regards,
Freyja Imsland