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Swedish masters tournament was a success!

12. júlí 2010 kl. 13:56

Swedish masters tournament was a success!

The Swedish masters’ tournament this year was held in Himmelstalundsbanan, Norrköping, the same location as the WC was held five years ago. Like normally when the club Dyggur hosts a tournament, this one was a very successful feast for the Icelandic-horse people. The weather was also great, making the tournament an unforgettable event.
Guðmundur Einarsson was the winner in the gæðinga pace riding Sproti frá Sjávarborg breaking his own personal record which was a score of 8.61 and this time receiving a score of 8.79. Nina Keskitalo was the winner in four gaits riding the stallion Arður frá Lundum with a score of 6.87. It is great to see Nina back on the track watching her exemplary riding. Josefin Birkbro and Kjarni frånWallberg were the winners in five gaits with a great score of 7.60. This is a great achievement from a rider competing for the first time in the adults’ class.

Of course, the highlight of the tournament was Denni Haukssons victory in tölt T1 riding a mare from his own breeding work, a daughter of Flipi, Venus från Hocksbo with a score 7.50. Johan Häggberg was in second place riding his mare Sigurrós från Lilla Årnebo with a score of 7.17. Johanna Elgholm was in third place riding her horse Oddur från Mörtö.


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