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Stallion day in Rangárhöllin arena 2010

16. janúar 2010 kl. 16:14

Stallion day in Rangárhöllin arena 2010

Stallion day will be held for the second time in Rangárhöllinni arena, Hella, on Saturday April 3rd next. Interested horse breeders should make sure to reserve this day right away!
This day was celebrated for the first time last year and was a great success; many stallions were presented that time, along with the honorary horse Kraflar frá Miðsitju, who was presented there for the very last time.
There is room for a total of 28 stallions at the show and those who are interested can send an e-mail to Magnús Benediktsson, his e-mail address is maggiben@gmail.com in order to reserve a space. Registration for each horse costs a total of 30.000 Ikr plus tax. Show time is included in this price, along with two tickets for admission, a pen in a stallion stable, a page in the stallion magazine at the show and the possibility of distribution of introduction material at the doorway of the riding arena.
Those showing at the arena can choose how they present the stallions, with or without offspring etc. Offering flexibility in the presentation will provides more variation and entertainment, like the guests of the show last year do remember.
The entire show will be recorded and sent out on the internet so this is an exceptional opportunity for publicity for owners of stallions. Also, it is possible to buy a half page ad in the paper for only 15.000 Ikr plus tax. Organization of the stallion day is in full action and interested stallion owners are encouraged to notify their participation as soon as possible.
Check on the introduction video from Hófapressan here below.

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