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Oh my precious city – letter from Ágúst Sigurðsson

28. janúar 2010 kl. 19:40

Oh my precious city – letter from Ágúst Sigurðsson

I often travel to Reykjavík, our city. This is where I go for my errands, because of work and various other business; and indeed this is where a large part of Icelanders live. The capital area is the center of administration and business but not least culture. This is where the main theaters of this nation are situated, cinemas, clubs and football arenas. Close by is the Symphony and Smáralind shopping mall, Kaplakriki football arena and Kaffivagninn coffee house. Hustle and bustle and many different things to do. I love my city – Reykjavík.
However much I admire my city, it is my nature is to live in the countryside. This is where I feel good, in the countryside, in my stable or out in the pasture – almost grazing according to my wife. I am familiar with the magic of the countryside and it matters to me that it is enjoyed in its full strength. This is why I found the urge within me to write down these lines.
The hearsay is that the idea is to host the Landsmót 2012 for us horse people in Reykjavík. Should this be the case, I think it is very ill judged and in fact total anachronism. This feast does not belong in the city, it belongs in the countryside. Just like the Symphony Orchestra would never thrive for a long period of time in the small town of Súðavík, likewise it would be a sad Landsmót in Víðidalur. It is not necessary to host it in Reykjavík as it would be better enjoyed elsewhere. Why host an opera in a hut made with straws when the Metropolitan is being offered? Landsmót for horse people belongs in the countryside!
Ágúst Sigurðsson


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