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Offspring from Auður and Rut

14. júní 2010 kl. 15:28

Photo: holakot.net

Offspring from Auður and Rut

Ester Anna Eiríksdóttir and Auðbjörn Kristinsson in Hólakot, Eyjafjörður were in for a big surprise yesterday morning when they looked out the window. One of their favorite mares, Rut frá Stóru-Gröf who is a daughter of Huginn had given birth. This was not a surprise, except for the fact that two foals were standing by her side! Yes, she gave birth to two foals, a horse and a mare. The two foals, which have been named Auðlind and Arður are offspring from the gæðingur Auður frá Lundum. Auðlind is black with a comet star but Arður is black and a little bigger than his sister.

According to Ester Anna in Hólakot both foals are being nourished by their mother and are quite lively. Eiðfaxi wishes these little bundles of joy a bright future!