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No riding at all

13. maí 2010 kl. 22:07

No riding at all

Heiðrún Ósk Eymundsdóttir and Pétur Örn Sveinsson are training graduates from the University at Hólar and are working as such in Saurbær, Skagafjörður. Heiðrún and Pétur have 26 horses in their stables, mostly breeding horses which they aim to take for assessment.
Eiðfaxi: What is the situation with the horses in Saurbær?
Heiðrún Ósk: Everything here is on hold, as it is in many other places. All the horses are showing symptoms of the disease, some less and some more, but they are not very ill.  This is the second week that they are sick having a cold and some are coughing. The horses that seem to withstand the illness best are the oldest and strongest horses which are in good training shape. So the horses are reacting to this differently. At this time, we try to keep the horses outside a lot, the weather today is really good, and has been for the past days.
Eiðfaxi: Heiðrún Ósk says that they are definitely aiming to take many horses for assessment but at this time they are just waiting for the horses to get well and then they will evaluate the situation again and organize trips for the assessment accordingly.
Eiðfaxi: Which are the most promising breeding horses in your stable?
Heiðrún Ósk: We have a few good and promising mares, such as Gjálp frá Miðsitju, out of Gunnvör and Aron frá Strandarhöfði. This is a very good five gaited mare which Pétur aims to take for assessment. Also I have a mare with good potential, she is a 4 year old, daughter of Tigull, Æsa frá Stokkhólma. Æsa is a very spirited and fun mare and will prove her potential in the future. Then, Pétur has Venus frá Sjávarborg, who is a full sister to Sproti frá Sjávarborg. She has a score of 9.5 for pace, a 1st prize mare. Pétur and his uncle Jón Geirmundsson share ownership of her and she will be led to a stallion this summer. I have been riding Venus a little this summer, but we do not know what she will be doing this summer should she get pregnant. Vordís, out of Toppur and Venus are from the same mare, a good five gaited mare. We will be aiming for 1st prize this summer. Then we have two good mares from Kristján in Helluland, Aðaldalur. One of them is out of Þristur frá Feti and the other out of Andvari frá Ey.
Then there is Hlynur frá Enni, out of Sveinnn-Hervar and Sending frá Enni. His owner is Haraldur and Eindís at Enni. He is out of the same mare as Ösp frá Enni the one Þórdís Erla Gunnarsdóttir has been competing on. Another stallion which we have is Vígur frá Eikarbrekku, out of Dynur frá Hvammi and Festing frá Kirkjubæ. He is a magnificent 1st prize stallion and good potential for a competition horse.
Heiðrún Ósk: We are making use of the time, shoeing the horses, grooming them, tidying up the place, doing some fencing work and other spring chores. If there are things that we did not have time to do before, then this is a good time to get them done. At first when the horses became ill we were a little numb and of course it is dull not to be able to ride.
Eiðfaxi: What is your aim concerning Landsmót?
Heiðrún Ósk: I have one exciting tölt horse which I would like to give a try this summer. This is a gelding by the name Spakur frá Dýrfinnustöðum and is out of Hágangur frá Narfastöðum and Sara frá Brennigerði. My father is his owner. Otherwise, these are mostly breeding horses here and it will become clearer later which of them gets a ticket to Landsmót.
Eiðfaxi: Have any foals been born in Saurbær?
Heiðrún Ósk: Yes, one foal has been born, a brown mare with a star was born a week ago. She is out of Ljónslöpp frá Bringu (f. Gustur frá Hóli, m. Kolka frá Kolkuósi). The father is Vígur frá Eikarbrekku (f. Dynur frá Hvammi, m. Festing frá Kirkjubæ). The foal is beautiful with a good neck and long legs, tölting around.
We will get about 10 foals and the horses we were using last year were the stallions Þeyr frá Prestbæ, Seiður frá Flugumýri, Álfur frá Selfossi and others. One mare is mine, Perla frá Stóru-Gröf syðri and last year I led her to Þeyr. Out of her came a mare (Sól, Rökkvadóttir) which I intend to show and then I have a competition horse by the name Þór frá Saurbæ. This mare has proven to be a good breeding mare which is exciting, because she was given to me when I was a child and I rode her in a competition a few times. My father gave her to me when I was 5 years old and she was just a foal, so we grew up together and riding her I became the Icelandic champion in agility in children’s class.
Eiðfaxi: Heiðrún Ósk was a double winner of Landsmót in the young adults’ class riding Gola frá Yzta-Gerði owned by her father. How is she doing?
Heiðrún Ósk: Gola became sterile so she is having a light training now, at 16 years old.  It was fun keeping a gæðingur like this in shape. But she will be led to Kappi frá Kommu, i.e. she will be inseminated. Out of her and Rökkvi frá Hárlaugsstöðum I have a 5 year old stallion by the name Stormur. We will receive two foals out of him this summer. He is a four gaited horse, full of power. I can visualize him on the competition track in the future.
Heiðrún Ósk goes back to her chores and Eiðfaxi thanks for the chat.


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