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Many events in the horse sector

6. mars 2010 kl. 19:38

Many events in the horse sector

Last Friday night March 5th was a day of many events and action in the horsemanship sector. Besides tournaments here and there, horse people were busy educating themselves in different places. Both demonstrations and informative meetings were on the agenda of some horse clubs. Informative evening was held by horse people in Borgarfjörður where Rúna Einarsdóttir-Zingsheim gave an instruction. In Hafnarfjörður it was Master Sigurbjörn Bárðarson who presented a demonstration, and in the Riding arena in Víðidalur, Fákur horse club offered a demonstration by two of the foremost tölt riders in the world. Those were Þorvaldur Árni and Viðar Ingólfsson. The evening was divided between the two of them and it was Þorvaldur who started the show which he based on is work with his new competition horse Losti. After the intermission, it was Viðar´s turn who based his presentation on training of the experienced competition tölt horse and Icelandic champion Tumi frá Stóra Hofi.

Quite many people attended the show, although it was held on a Friday night which is a rather difficult day for an event like this. Spectators were just over one hundred and the atmosphere was good.

Although the themes in both presentations was similar, certainly there was a difference between the two demonstrations, both because the first presentation was with a horse which he just recently started working on while the other horse and rider go a long ways back. Also, no two trainers are the same concerning emphasis and work methods.

The evening was great fun and very informative for those who watched. Fákur horse club deserves to be thanked for this contribution and both Þorri and Viðar for the instruction. Here is a short video clip which was filmed during the evening.