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Landsmót 2010 starts a day early

19. nóvember 2009 kl. 09:31

Landsmót 2010 starts a day early

Discussions have taken place about the past years Landsmót program being too crowded. At an open meeting on Landsmót held in October 2008, which was held shortly after the completion of the last Landsmót, most members of the meeting agreed that the program needed to be made less crowded and that more time scheduled for breaks and then especially with the weekend program in mind.

This factor received special attention when scheduling the competition- and breeding horse record at Vindheimamelar in 2010. After a great deal of consideration and speculations, the board and presidium of the Landsmót ehf has now come to a mutual agreement that the next Landsmót program will be held with the novelty to start the Landsmót on a Sunday instead of Monday as has been the fact for the past tournaments. With this, the promoters of the tournament feel that the weekend program can be made slightly easier and the tournament will conclude an hour earlier on Sunday if compared with the Landsmót 2008 program.

By making the Sunday (June 27th) the first day of the tournament, the idea is to start with a so called youth day with a preliminary for youngsters and young adults along with fun events for the young people. Then a special riders meeting for the competitors in this age group will be held on Sunday morning and finally after the competition that day a light evening program for young horse people has been scheduled.
It should also be mentioned, that with the planning of the Landsmót 2010 program, the idea is that the evening program will be more horse related and that all marketing of the tournament should be aimed at giving the message that Landsmót is not a common outdoor festival, but rather a family festival for horse people!

As normally, the program is released with advance notice, but the entire program can be viewed at the Landsmót home page at: