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Kobbi saving Auðinn – New star?

10. febrúar 2010 kl. 19:04

Kobbi saving Auðinn – New star?

Everyone is familiar with Jakob Svavar Sigurðsson in Steinsholt, who is a known trainer, and riding instructor. He is one of our leading competition riders, and every year he also presents many fantastic breeding horses
Jakob is one of the 21 riders participating in the VÍS Masters League this winter and he is in the Frumherji team along with Viðar Ingólfsson and Ólafur Ásgeirsson.

In the first competition this winter, which was herding, was successful for Jakob, he ended in fifth place riding Blær frá Akranesi. But the next event which is coming Thursday, February 11th it is four gaits. Last winter, Jakob was topmost after the preliminary in four gaits riding the smooth and agile stallion, Auður frá Lundum. But in the finals it was Sigurður Sigurðarson riding Suðri frá Holtsmúla I who managed to pass him and receive first place.
Eiðfaxi made a phone call to Jakob the other day and of course Jakob was out riding, but we asked him which horse he would bring to the four gaits this time.

Well Jakob, will you bring Auður to the four gaits again this year?
“No, I plan to save Auður, for the time being. I will be bringing Goggur frá Skáney. We had this horse in training so I knew him and asked to borrow him. He is a gelding and will be seven years old this winter and quite a strong four gaiter I think.“
Goggur is chestnut with a blaze out of Sóloni frá Skáney (f. Spegill frá Sauðárkróki, m. Nútíð frá Skáney) and Glæða frá Skáney (f. Elgur frá Hólum, m. Glóð frá Skáney). This will be Goggur´s first time on the competition track.

What about other events?
“Well, at least I have chosen a horse for the coming event, loose rein tölt, which will be February 25. I will be presenting Al frá Lundum II and everything looks very well, and I have great faith in this horse for this particular task.“
Alur brúnnösóttur, born in 2004 and comes from the same mother bloodline as Auður frá Lundum II, out of Auða frá Höfða and Kolfinni frá Kjarnholtum I.

What is your personal goal this winter as far as the Masters League concerns?
“I intend to do my very best, play well from the selection of horses that I have. It may not be easy, as I want to spare Auður frá Lundum II. But we will see, never know what I have up my sleeve,” Jakob finally says and changed his tempo. He was chatting with Eiðfaxi while riding slow walk but undoubtedly changed over to more speed right after this conversation.