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“Isolation is foolish” says Kári Stefánsson

14. júní 2010 kl. 21:27

“Isolation is foolish” says Kári Stefánsson

Last Friday, June 11th there was a very interesting interview in the local newspaper Morgunblaðið taken by Gunnþórunn Jónsdóttir with Kári Stefánsson. The subject was among other things, the isolation or quarantine which Kári says the Icelandic horse is held in here in Iceland.

Kári thinks that the start of the disease can be traced to the fact that the Icelandic horse has, for decades been held in quarantine. He says that we can learn from this experience by putting a question mark on the quarantine. And in fact this experiment has already been done, because Icelandic horses are transported to Europe in large numbers. Often times, the horses get a small bug when they arrive overseas, but nothing that really matters.

When reading this interview, undeniably the question arises whether the right thing to do would be to open up the country and thereby allow import of horses, just as well as export them.

Kári’s opinion in this matter is interesting. Eiðfaxi will, during the next few days ask for reaction in this matter from persons in authority and whether this is an option which should be seriously looked into.

Source: Gunnþórunn Jónsdóttir, Morgunblaðið, June 11th 2010.