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Interview with the prime judge

30. ágúst 2010 kl. 17:28

Interview with the prime judge

Eiðfaxi met the prime judge of the tournament, Sigurður Ævarsson over a cup of coffee this morning and we asked him a few questions about issues concerning judges.

How has the judging procedures been going?

The procedure of the judging work has been very successful and timing has been working out also so allover I think that the outcome of the judges’ work is very satisfactory.

This summer the judges have not been working as much as normally because there have been fewer tournaments. Has this proven to be harmful in any way?

Perhaps this is not the case concerning this tournament, because here we have experienced judges who have very good training. But it is correct that it is a basic issue for a good judge to do a lot of judging to stay in practice.

What is your opinion on having a foreign judge to work at a tournament here?

Naturally this is a positive thing. But it should be kept in mind that this is very expensive, no less than 200 thousand Ikr to have one foreign judge come over here for a tournament such as this one, which is a lot of money, especially for a small tournament. It is a requirement to have a foreign judge in order for the tournament to be considered WR qualified, and this makes it very heavy.

They have authorized with international license, which indicates that they are working by the same rules, wherever they come from. Of course it is very positive for people to go to other countries to work as judges, but this should not be obligatory.

Lately, the work of the judges has been criticized. Do you have any comments on that? Is this valid criticism?

Criticism is both good and necessary. But if it changes into discrediting words, then the point is missed. We are all working towards the same goal: judges, competitors and spectators. Criticism should revolve on rhythm, setup of the presentation, rules, speed and so on, that is fine. But when people are being accused of favoritism, then the criticism has turned into discredit.

Any final words?

Yes, I want to mention that the competitors at this tournament have been absolutely exemplary concerning general conduct and riding. So far, not a single red card has been flagged.  People have been attending on time in spite of some dropping out and at this tournament there were close to four hundred registrations and not a single horse receiving a remark at the vets’ medical examination.

This said, Siggi went back to his work. We would like to thank him for the chat and wishing him and his crew success with the judicial work at the A finals later on today.