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Interview with a judge

29. ágúst 2010 kl. 20:35

Interview with a judge

Bent Rune Skullevold is one of the judges at the Íslandsmót in Hafnarfjörður. Bent is an experienced judged and has worked at many WC and Scandinavian tournaments as well as different tournaments all over Europe every year.  

Eiðfaxi staff was interested in having an interview with him to hear what he thinks of this tournament and what he thinks of coming here and judge at this tournament
“This is a good tournament and it is a valuable experience for me to come here in order to judge. I am of the opinion that it is very important that we establish an international flow of judges between countries.   I can mention an example from Germany where people were for a long time very hesitant to get judges from other places. But after they started doing this I can confirm that this is one of the aspects that has helped them to make great progress in this sport over there.
If we establish an international flow of judges all over Europe, then at the same time there will be an international exchange of knowledge, which is beneficial for everyone because we can always learn from each other."
When asked about the matter which often has been discussed concerning five gaits when in fact what is required is speed from slow to medium speed but the best scores often come when these gaits are being ridden fast. This is Bents answer: “Yes this is a problem which has often been discussed when judges have a meeting, but it is just like we judges have it stuck in our minds to recognize fast pace in these gaits. This is something that needs to be discussed further and to be taken for discussion at international conferences“.
We want to thank Bent very much for this chat and we can be thankful to have with us people with such great experience to come here and work with us. 

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