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Hrímnir frá Hrafnagili – video clip

14. júní 2010 kl. 16:15

Hrímnir frá Hrafnagili – video clip

He hardly needs to be introduced the chief and magnificent gæðingur Hrímnir frá Hrafnagili. Hrímnir was born to Hjalti Jósepsson in 1975 in Hrafnagil, Eyjafjörður. Hrímnir´s bloodline comes from the local horses of that farm.

Björn Sveinsson at Varmalæk in Skagafjörður came into possession of Hrímnir in 1980. Together they appeared in a competition before the public only three times. The first time was at a competition in Skagafjörður in 1980 where they competed and won the B-class.  The second time they participated in a competition was a year later when they became the Icelandic champions in tölt at Melgerðismelar and finally they won the B-class at the Landstmót at Vindheimamelar in the year 1982, when Hrímnir was only seven years old.

Hrímnir is a legacy amongst horses, so to speak. His forequarters are spectacular, showing in a remarkable manner in his head carriage as well as his overall presence.

Eiðfaxi bumped into a video clip at Hófapressan from the year 2001. At that time Hrímnir was appearing at a Fákur Grand show at the riding arena in Víðidalur, where he, to noone´s surprice stole the scene, this fantastic white gæðingur.

Enjoy and please note that you will get goose bumps from watching this, which is normal.