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Horse specialists´ travelogue

18. maí 2010 kl. 21:54

Horse specialists´ travelogue

On the web of the University of Hólar there is an entertaining travelogue by 1st year students in the horse studies department. They decided to go on a trip and along with their teachers they went for a socalled undetermined destination journey.

As the horse disease has more or less paralyzed all horse riding work within the school this spring, it was decided to take the 1st year students in the horse studies department for a journey to an undetermined destination. This was successfully kept a secret from the students, as to the destination of the trip and there was great anticipation amongst the group.

The departure was from Hólar on Thursday, May 6th at 6:00 am where there were 29 extremely cheerful kids present along with the riding instructor, Þorsteinn Björnsson. On the way southward a stop was made in Mosfellsbær, where Sölvi Sigurðsson riding instructor joined the group. After which the journey proceeded towards the east and a stop was made at the horse breeding farm Fet where we were greeted by the couple Anton Páll and Inga Mæja. They offered us a fantastic soup and told us about the operation at Fet. Then we went into the stable and checked out the fantastic facilities there. Anton brought forth the gæðingur Vilmundur frá Feti, demonstrating their daily training procedure in the arena. After this Inga, Linda and Anton saddled up three of Vilmundur´s offspring, showing them to us both inside and outside. Certainly these are very promising horses.

Then the journey proceeded and we stopped at Árbæjarhjáleiga where Hekla Katarína (a student in our group) lives. She showed to us a newly built stable and riding arena, and she demonstrated a horse for us. The facilities there are very good. Also we had a chat with Kristinn and his wife and they told us a little about their facilities.

The next stop was at Árbakki where Hinrik and Hulda live and run a training- and export center. They explained their facilities to us, told us about the horses in the stables, and how the operation works.

Then we headed towards Hólaborg which is a medical- and training center for horses. This is where the riding instructor Mette Mannseth entered into the group. We were offered some snacks and a made a thorough checkout of the facilities where among other things we saw a roundabout, vibration mattress and a board for swimming.

Our next destination was to Hvolur where Þorvaldur Árni and Ragnhildur live with their fantastic facilities which we started by looking into. Then we went into the living room where Þorvaldur went through all the main things about their facilities, approach and their career. Then he saddled up Losti frá Strandarhjáleigu and demonstrated for us an entertaining and interesting moment of training. After which he saddled up the great gæðingur Kiljan frá Steinnesi where we enjoyed a head start for the coming breeding assessment. He took the horse out on the track right next to the stable and gave us a demonstration.

At last we drove back home to Hólar making a stopover at KFC in order to enjoy a good meal for the trip home. We arrived home at about 1:30 in the morning.

This was a great trip and it was enjoyable to see the diversity in facilities and operation for training horses. We want to thank Sölvi, Mette and Steini for this fantastic tour.