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Heading for a powerful breeding show at Vindheimamelar

25. júní 2010 kl. 22:12

Heading for a powerful breeding show at Vindheimamelar

Almost 100 hoses have been registered for participation on the latter county fair show of breeding horses in Skagafjörður which will be held at Vindheimamelar next week. This good participation is an indication that the horses are getting through this disease and that horsemanship is starting again.

Most of those horses have been registered into WorldFeng where information can be reached on which horses are due and the starting lists will be displayed at coming Monday. It is expected that the show will start next Wednesday.

The tracks at Vindheimamelar are looking good, as they had been prepared for the hosting of Landsmót. A few changes have been made on the old horse breeding track and therefore there will be a kind of an inauguration on that track after the after these improvements.

It should be mentioned that there will be lots of action in Skagafjörður next week at the so called Summer Joy festival.
The horse breeding farms Hjaltastaðir, Miðsitja, Syðra-Skörðugil, Vatnsleysa and Ytra-Skörðugil will have open days where guests are welcome (see further information on Also there will be a great horse breeding festival at Vindheimamelar on Saturday July 3rd with an overview show of breeding horses, introduction on breeding horses and horse breeding farms including barbecue and jolly mood. In the evening there will be a horse people’s party at Hótel Varmahlíð.