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Headed to be a great tournament

27. ágúst 2010 kl. 23:07

Headed to be a great tournament

During our walk around the tournament area, Eiðfaxi staff met with Magnús Sigurjónsson director of the tournament and  Bryndís Snorradóttir manager and chatted with them about the tournament.

They said that they were extremely pleased with the tournament so far, there had been great preparation work and everything was going off with a good start. The hosts of the tournament hoped for the registrations to be about 300 but actually the registrations became a total of 360.
They are expecting great many spectators over the weekend and tonight to watch the gæðinga pace which starts at 18:30 hrs and undoubtedly with great atmosphere.
The television will be broadcasting live from the finals on Saturday. The broadcasting will be between 15:00 and 17:00 hrs. 
This said, they had to leave as there are many details to take care for a grand tournament such as this one.

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