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Great participation in the Eiðfaxi photo competition

20. september 2010 kl. 11:56

Great participation in the Eiðfaxi photo competition

There is great interest in the Eiðfaxi photo competition as always and the photos come pouring in...

It is always enjoyable to look through these letters and already many good photos have come. The competition is open to all those who are interested and there is still time to take photos and send to us.

Like before, great prizes will be rendered for the best photos. Eiðfaxi would like to encourage people to take their cameras along wherever they are on the road. Photos for the competition should be sent to the e-mail address: mynd@eidfaxi.is and they should be in JPEG format and in the original size.

Also, those who are sending in their photos are asked to label the photos with their full names and phone numbers.

Enjoy yourselves!

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