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First united BS degree in Iceland

14. júní 2010 kl. 14:35

First united BS degree in Iceland

On the website of the University of Hólar the first graduation of the students graduating with a BS degree in horse studies is reported: B.S. degree in horse studies is based on a united study at the University at Hólar and the Agricultural University of Iceland. The first three students graduated in a ceremony at Reykholt on June 4th last. A total of 20 students were registered at this course of study this winter.  For the first two years of study, the students are at the Agricultural University at Hvanneyri and one summer semester and the complete third year at the University of Hólar. At the Agricultural University, Hvanneyri they offer among others general studies in science studies and agricultural sciences but at Hólar they offer more specified courses in horse studies. Finally the students do their final papers.
It is interesting to see that this is the first time that universities here in Iceland graduate students with a B.S. degree simultaneously from two schools. At this time when more joint effort and cooperation within the Icelandic university community is needed more than before, it must be fairly likely that this joint graduation of two schools is only the first of many. Therefore it could be said that the Agricultural University and the University at Hólar were the ones to start the joint university degree in horse studies.

On the photo from the left: Skúli Skúlason principal at the University of Hólar,  Emma Eyþórsdóttir study director of agricultural sciences and horse studies at the Agricultural University, Brynjar Skúlason, Sigríður Bjarnadóttir, Einar Reynisson, Víkingur Gunnarsson divisional manager of the horse studies department at the University of Hólar and Ágúst Sigurðsson principal at the Agricultural University of Iceland.


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