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Final presentation at Hólar: Photos

6. mars 2013 kl. 14:07

Final presentation at Hólar: Photos

Final presentations took place at Hólar College on February 22nd last. The students presented to the horses ´owners their in-riding achievements as well as horse training results.  The benches in the Þráarhöll were crowded during the presentations, and the young horses were presented riding both inside as well as outside. Eiðfaxi reported peeked in at the show and snapped a few photos.

Each student had two horses for in riding and two horses for training and they had a total of 6 weeks to work on these horses. The horses trained at Hólar came from different places in the country, and everyone can apply for their horse to be in-ridden and trained. At the end of this period the young horse should be ready to ride outside, obey to a light rein contact and react to basic aids from seat and rein, it should be possible to control speed and direction and the horse should react lightly to active leg aid. There are no demands on head carriage or gaits at this stage; this will come with further training of the horse. All young horses which are being in ridden are trained to be led by the side when riding another horse, take a cross country test where the horse is ridden within tussocks, rivers and challenges of different kinds.
Here are photos from the submission day


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