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Eiðfaxi pays a visit to the farm Hemla in the east

19. febrúar 2010 kl. 21:37

Eiðfaxi pays a visit to the farm Hemla in the east

In the next edition of Eiðfaxi, there will be a comprehensive interview with the couple Vignir Siggeirsson and  Lovísa Herborg Ragnarsdóttir in Hemla II in Rangárvellir. Their farm was one of the farms nominated as the “Breeding farm of the year 2009”.
Besides the great success the have attained in horse breeding, Vignir has been among the leading competition riders in Iceland, and has among other titles received one world champion title for tölt. Vignir is setting his goals for great success this summer and it seems that he has suitable horses also.

When travelling out east over the Rangá river, one goes into real winter climate, like horse people want it to be, snow everywhere and great riding conditions. Vignir is training his gæðingur Heljar frá Hemlu as Eiðfaxi enters into the driveway, and according to Vignir this horse is one of his trumps which he is preparing for participation in the A-class gæðingar. Heljar is out of Gnýr frá Stokkseyri and Óskadís frá Hafnarfirði, who is the daughter of Viðar frá Viðvík. Eiðfaxi filmed a short video clip of the companions in the good weather.  


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