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Eiðfaxi – at your service

13. maí 2010 kl. 17:54

Eiðfaxi – at your service

Here at the Eiðfaxi web, we are offering various services. On the blue bar at the top of the page many different paths around the web can be viewed. Among those is the news, which is the part most people are familiar with.

Under Stallions, all stallions which have been registered into the Eiðfaxi Stallion Magazine 2010 can be viewed. It is right to remind owners of stallions that it is possible to enter more photos of horses, further information and video clips. Eiðfaxi offers those stallions that are 4 and 5 years old, and for the first time have a total score of 8.0 or over to enter the web free of charge. Please contact Eiðfaxi at telephone nr. 588-2525 in order to check on the matter or to add information on a horse which is already registered.

Small ads is a very useful service. This is where miscellaneous things can be offered for sale, whether it is service, work, horses, horse carriages or stallions for use.  We would like to encourage the users of the web to take advantage of this possibility, which of course is free of charge. It is possible to put both a photo and a video with the ad, as well as text up to 500 characters.

There is also a store at the web. Many different horse related goods can be found there, such as books on horses, for example Hestaheilsa by Helgi Sigurðsson vet, the DVD from WC 2009 in Switzerland, needlework with a horse image, FT poster with the different training stages and an Eiðfaxi poster showing different gaits. Are you looking for a gift? Check on the store or contact Eiðfaxi at telephone nr. 588-2525.

Everyone is familiar with the Photo collection and enter it on a regular basis in order to look for photos from certain events or specific horses or riders. The web photo collection is steadily expanding, and indeed there are many important events happening in the horse sector in many different places. Check on the photo collection. Take advantage of the search, it is powerful. Perhaps you will find a fun photo of yourself? Then you simply buy it online.  

Events contain the entire collection of programs of the Icelandic Horse-Clubs Federation, as well as other exciting and interesting horse related events from abroad. This is a handy tool in order to keep a tab on tournaments and shows.

Under the link Web edition, registered users can in a simple manner register into the newest Eiðfaxi edition and check it out online. Subscribers of the magazine will register themselves as users, choose a username and password and send this information to  afgreidsla@eidfaxi.is and we will open an access to the web edition immediately. Of course this is free of charge for subscribers. Those who only want to subscribe to the web edition should register, choose that path and pay with a credit card.

About Eiðfaxi is a tab, where information on staff and their e-mail addresses can be found. Also, the story on Eiðfaxi can be red, and why the magazine bears that name. Who was Eiðfaxi? Well, he was the son of Fluga and Sinis, the first horse born on Icelandic ground, as the account of these events tells us.
Mill around the web and find what interests you the most.