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Did not like leaving the horses behind

22. mars 2010 kl. 18:13

Did not like leaving the horses behind

“Of course this was startling at first but right away we calmed down when we were told that this was a small eruption,” says Vilborg Alda Jónsdóttir, a farmer at Hvítanes in Vestur-Landeyjar, when she heard of the eruption.

Vilborg received a phone call soon after midnight on Saturday evening and was told that she had to leave her home along with her parents. They stayed over at Vilborg´sisters place at Hvolsvöllur.

“It was convenient that my sister is on vacation on the Canary Islands. We quickly got ready to go but my mom actually took too much luggage with her,” says Vilborg. Sheep, cows and horses are kept on the farm, and Vilborg said that the hardest thing was to leave the animals behind. “I thought about the animals before I left. Most of the horses are running loose outside, apart from two mares which were inside the stable, and before leaving I let them loose. I remember thinking: This is Eyjafjallajökull glacier. Either this will be okay or this goes really bad. Thankfully it all went well this time and all the animals were quite calm.”

Vilborg got to go home yesterday to care for the animals and was feeding the horses when reporters from the news paper Fréttablaðið arrived. At that time she did not know whether she would be able to sleep at home that night. She said that she would go home if she were permitted to do so, but her parents would be sleeping over at her sisters house; at least one more night.

In spite of poor visibility the glow from the eruption was very visible from Hvítanes on Saturday night. Vilborg does not consider it difficult to live close to an active volcano. “This is something you get used to; if it was not this, it would just be something else. But this might wask up the volcano Katla; I think that is very likely.”
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