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Deception - hestafrettir.is receives a warning from Modernus

30. janúar 2010 kl. 18:27

Deception - hestafrettir.is receives a warning from Modernus

It has been verified that hestafrettir.is picks up a great deal of its users from services which are selling online visits to the web. By doing this, the world of horses and advertizers are being deliberately deceived. Hestafréttir is buying traffic from the company Fulltraffic, which specializes in selling traffic to websites. On the other hand, the service is unlike common advertizements where it revolves primarily on raising the number of users, often by deceiving the users into the website or with computer programs which search automatically around the web.
Modernus confirms hestafréttir work method in a letter to Eiðfaxi, dated January 25 where they say among other things:
“Modernus confirms that for the past few days, a great deal of the references to hestafrettir.is been arriving from the fulltrafic.net service.“

Also Modernus has released the following news report on its web:
Buying traffic
“Ssome webs together in a coordinated web measurement have been buying transactions through services like Fulltraffic and others. Such services use all kinds of tricks in order to lure users into the websites of customers, but is variable between agents how profitable and tenacious such service is.
Especially Fulltraffic has been critizised for rendering dishonest service, where users entering through them make a short stop and do nothing other than pick up numbers from the web which buys the service – often totally unsuspicious. The advertizers need to recognize this and make sure that the user digits of the web, utilizing such services, is not demonstrating the possible target for the market for advertizements on the web, there in most cases these are rather inactive users, who have possibly been tricked into the website.
Watch the cange over a period of time and a changes of proportion happening from  local  users. Webs which use such sevice often show great increase of users between weeks, and the proportion of local users plummets where a bought transaction almost always comes from abroad. We want to emphasise that it is possible to view the development of the webs in a coordinated web measurement by clicking on the number of users and view a graph showing up to 52 weeks back in time.
 The reason for this column is a great increase of users in one of the smaller webs on the list of coordinated web measurements. The extra traffic comes to a larte extent from the web fulltraffic.net.”


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