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Bountiful gift to Hólar

8. febrúar 2010 kl. 21:47

Bountiful gift to Hólar

Magnús Sigurðsson a medical doctor and horseman gave to the Hólar University and the Historical Center of the Icelandic Horse a bountiful gift at a ceremony today.
Magnús, who is over eighty years old, has throughout time collected words and phrases connected with horses and horsemanship. When he stopped working as a doctor he started working with full strength at this project which he did energetically and systematically. He looked wide and far, in dictionaries, old literature, Icelandic literature, in professional books on horses and their use back in time, even before Iceland was settled. Magnús kept in mind that ancient words as well as new could come into good use in the future as variety increases in the horse sport and general horsemanship. Magnús calluses his collection of words Horse-word
Besides giving the University of Hólar and the Historical Center of the Icelandic horse his book Horse-word, for safekeeping and processing, he also gave the school and the center a big and mighty collection of source material, which is as follows:
-    Icelandic books (scientific material, literature in Icelandic)
-    Magazines (Hesturinn Okkar, Eiðfaxi, Pony Post in Icelandic, German and other languages)
-    Magazines (in Icelandic and foreign languages)
-    Photocopies (books, magazines in Icelandic and foreign languages)
-    Statutes of horses and more of that kind (made from plaster, glass, metal, clay and wood)
-    Photos (paintings, drawings, photocopied, printed and embroidered)
-    Clippings and more.
It should be emphasized, that this collection is both extensive and important and is considered quite a catch for the informative work connected with horses and horsemanship at Hólar. This gift adds great power to the library. The Historical Center of the Icelandic horse as well as the University of Hólar is thankful to Magnús for his important contribution towards the Icelandic language and culture, this great gift and his personal consideration for Hólar in Hjaltadalur and the work which is being done there.


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