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100 days until Landsmót starts

20. mars 2010 kl. 23:12

100 days until Landsmót starts

“People are training from early morning till evening. We have 40 shoed horses, mares, stallions and some geldings” says Ævar Örn Guðjónsson who runs the horse center Hestar ehf at Kjóavellir in Garðabær.

Now, when there are only 100 days until Landsmót starts, Ævar Örn is asked about the horses. “The average age of the horses in my stable is not high; most of them are only 4 and 5 years old. There is Landsmót ahead and we aim to take a few of them for assessment this spring. I can name a few, such as Liba, a 5 year old mare out of Lydía frá Vatnsleysu and  Andri from the same farm, Lokkadís frá Sólheimum, daughter of Þristur frá Fet is promising and then Rispa frá Hvoli who was a first prize winner in a group of 4 year olds at the Fjórðungs tournament in the west part of Iceland last year. I also have an amazing mare, Gullbrá frá Húnsstöðum, she is extremely spirited and fierce. “ Ævar says that all these mares are extremely good and having great potential. “We also have a few good young ones which are only four year old out of Glampi frá Vatnsleysu, Töfri frá Kjartansstöðum and Víðir frá Prestbakka.”

Time passes quickly and Landsmót is approaching and clearly people are very motivated. Owners keep a close look for their horses and expectations are within reach.

“I do not have many horses for the gæðinga competition and the race but still expect to have a few horses for those events. This will become clearer as Landsmót approaches.”